Milestones of Tsingshan

1992.11 Erection of Zhejiang Fengye Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
The first private stainless steel producer in China with AOD refining
1998.05 Erection of Zhejiang Tsingshan Special Steel Co., Ltd
The first stainless steel producer in China with induction furnace + AOD process
The mobile AOD furnace was invented and patented by Tsingshan, which was the first of its kind in the world.
2004.05 Erection of Zhejiang Tsingshan Steel Co., Ltd.
300,000 t/y SS project was put into poeration.The first private stainless steel mill in China equipped with continuous casting and rolling to produce stainless steel bars, wirerods and seamless pipes.
2009.06 Enter into agreement with an Inonesian group company to erect SMI company to aim at exploring a 500km2 laterite nickel mine in Sulawesi, Indonesia.
The largest laterite mine ever obtained abroad by Chinese companies.
2010.03 Erection of Fujian Dingxin Industrial Co., Ltd.
300,000 t/y NPI & 500,000 t/y stainless steel project was put into operation.
The first integrated NPI and stainless steel making plant in China.
2010.06 Erection of Decent Stainless Steel Industrial Park, located in Fengxian District, Shanghai, is the downstream processing base of Tsingshan Iron & Steel. There are four company settled in the park: Irestal Shanghai Stainless Pipe Co., Ltd, Shanghai Maxmount Special Steel Co., Ltd, Shanghai Maxfittings Co., Ltd and Shanghai Xinzhen Special Steel Co., Ltd, which produce 20000 t/y of stainless steel welded pipes, 5000 t/y of seamless pipes, 2000 t/y of fittings and 8000 t/y of bright bars.
2010.08 Tsisco Industrial Ltd was founded to serve as the sales and marketing company for all the stainless steel long products made by the mills under Tsingshan Steel.
Tsisco Industrial Ltd.
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