tsiscoThe first "Tsingshan Steel" company was erected in1988. Mr.Xiang, the founder of "Tsingshan Steel" companies, erects a Board of Diretors to manage 6 directly invested groups, with 5 production basis in the world. Tsingshan Steel achieved sales revenue USD8 billion in 2012 and is targeting at sales revenue USD16 billion in 2015.

"Tsi" refers to "Tsingshan";
"S" refers to "Steel";
"Co" refers to "Companies";

In 2010, "Tsingshan Steel" erected sales & service center in Shanghai headquarter, named "Tsisco Industrial Ltd.", with its business goal to provide stainless steel long products to worldwide segments of industries:
- Stainless steel hot rolled coils & plates;
- Stainless steel wire rods;
- Stainless steel bars;
- ST, CD and CG bright bars;
- Stainless steel seamless & welded pipes/tubes.

Tsingshan Steel consists of 6 groups (Tsingshan Holding Group, Decent Group, Stellar Group, Tsingtuo Group, Ruipu Technology Group, J-ERAY Group) , with 23000 employees and 124 companies, entirely covering the whole stainless steel industry chain: nickel ores mining & smelting, stainless steel smelting and stainless steel raw materials manufacturing (stainless steel slabs, billets, plates & coils, hot rolled bars, bright bars, wire rods, welded tubes & pipes, seamless tubes & pipes).

In 2015, the world’s stainless steel output reached 44 million m.tons, China's 25 million m.tons while Tsingshan Steel’s 5.38 million m.tons which takes up 12/100 output of the world. In the same year, Tsingshan Steel achieved more than USD 13.5 billion sales volume.

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